The Gem of the Caribbean
The birthplace of rum and Bajan vibrancy, Barbados’ story is complex, uplifting, sometimes harrowing, and ultimately enduring, showcasing the optimism, and centuries-long perseverance found in every citizen.

The traces of a colonial past can be found on street corners through a menagerie of architecture old and new, the influence of far flung and long forgotten tastemakers creating a cityscape that can change on a dime. The wellspring of global influences that long ago touched food and drink, music and arts all speak to a culture reclaimed and a country moving forward. The effervescence of Barbados is represented by its talented artisans. There are skilled chefs and conscientious fish merchants who seek out marlin, mahi mahi, and flying fish; preparing delightful meals that can be enjoyed from the shore.

The fruit farmers picking supple flame-colored paw paws, and the bakers working hard to see their salt bread, sweet bread, and toothsome confections blossom in front of your very eyes. The musicians that manage to manifest island soul and the literature which speaks for itself. The distillers of premium spirits who don’t just specialize in flavor but operate as keepers of the past, imparting important knowledge to all those who steps foot upon their grounds, contextualizing the Barbadian experience through the lens of their current expertise.

Bajan vibrancy is alive – allow Adya to lead the way.

Tours in Barbados

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