Learn more about why we chose these producers through these short insights into their passions and craft.
Philippe Dechelle
Alba Royal Truffles
Acetaia Castelli
In pepertuum.
Irish Black Butter
A joyful pursuit from a creative mind and the fruit of Ireland’s orchard county.
Rice Crafters

Watch how rice can react specifically, consistently and spectacularly.

Modern vintage.
Jerpoint Glass Studio

For four decades, one family in Stonyford, County Kilkenny have been working in the face of incredible heat.

Becoming fluent in the groves' language is a natural consequence of spending so much time in them.
Wayward Irish Spirits

On Lakeview Estate the winds can change in an instant. The waters that lay still only a moment ago, surrounding its greenery, can come alive and dance to the tune of the tumultuous gusts.

Azienda Agricola Posta Pastorella
The link between many producers and their olive oil is almost holy. 
It has been a delicate balancing act, to honor the territory, terroir, and tradition while still being authentic to their place in the contemporary.
Da Morgada
Manuel Maia was working as a food engineer in the late 90s when he decided to cast his net out along the Portuguese coast in search of rich and delicious delicacies that might otherwise remain unknown.
Rebel City

It is a marriage of cultures, a celebration of love, a tribute to incredible women who inspire the founders so profoundly.

Pillitteri Estates Winery

Gary didn’t know that their small roadside fruit stand would turn into one of Canada’s most celebrated wineries.

Jars of Goodness

Family is the glue that holds us all together. Neelma’s family has called Kenya home for three generations.

McNutt of Donegal
Located in the seaside village of Downings, on Donegal’s Wild Atlantic Way, McNutt of Donegal has been producing some of the world’s finest weaves for over 60 years.
Macaw Kakau
Pablo witnessed a nostalgic and profound sight.
It is a slow process, to root a company as much to the people as to the land, but to do so is a virtue that rewards both and nourishes all.
Felea Goods

Felean stories are not just poured into bottles or hidden in boxes, they are also ‘stuck’ inside jars from the silk of their honey.

Aegean Naturals

These products were chosen not only for their high quality but also their similarly holistic achievements in eco-friendliness and healthiness.


Vanamoolika works with 450 small farmers from local and tribal communities.

Exploding Tree
Beginning in the basement of her King City home in Canada, Allison pensively dribbled melted chocolate into plastic moulds in a space her family endearingly nicknamed the Chocolate Room.
Oriel Salt

Clogherhead is rightfully known as the birthplace of Ireland.


Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.