Levity in good living
The Emerald Isle is a place of kindness, simplicity and song. Yet Ireland, despite its gregarious nature, is a country very familiar with hardship, with the ramifications of centuries-long poverty and oppression still felt in its bones.

In the wake of its complicated history, certain cultural values emerged from circumstance and were reinforced through necessity. These values appreciated the small things in life: friends and strangers, gossip and laughter, music and art, sadness and levity. And ultimately it is levity that is what’s offered most in Ireland.

Adya Global celebrates that levity - along with all of the other virtues abundant in Ireland - by building out luxury items and tourism packages that honour Ireland’s gregarious spirit. Our portfolio exemplifies a light touch, our itineraries celebrate the complexities of a culture, and our content tells the stories of a people on a micro and macro level.

Products from Ireland

Linen Scarf
Irish Mineral Sea Salt – Kiln Dried
Irish Mineral Sea Salt – Natural
Festival Nut Bowl
75% Dark Chocolate with Salt & Seaweed
Rainbow Beakers
Festival Tulip Vase
Festival Tea-Light Holder
Festival Round Jug
Festival Beaker
Irish Mineral Sea Salt – Teeling Whiskey Smoked
The Liberator Small Batch – Double Port Finish
Maharani Irish Gin
45% Irish Milk Chocolate

Producers from Ireland

Exploding Tree
Beginning in the basement of her King City home in Canada, Allison pensively dribbled melted chocolate into plastic moulds in a space her family endearingly nicknamed the Chocolate Room.
Irish Black Butter
A joyful pursuit from a creative mind and the fruit of Ireland’s orchard county.
Jerpoint Glass Studio

For four decades, one family in Stonyford, County Kilkenny have been working in the face of incredible heat.

McNutt of Donegal
Located in the seaside village of Downings, on Donegal’s Wild Atlantic Way, McNutt of Donegal has been producing some of the world’s finest weaves for over 60 years.
Oriel Salt

Clogherhead is rightfully known as the birthplace of Ireland.

Rebel City

It is a marriage of cultures, a celebration of love, a tribute to incredible women who inspire the founders so profoundly.

Wayward Irish Spirits

On Lakeview Estate the winds can change in an instant. The waters that lay still only a moment ago, surrounding its greenery, can come alive and dance to the tune of the tumultuous gusts.