The world is full of beautiful things. In that beauty, we can recognize the differences that make our world so full of wonder and marvel.

That beauty also reminds us in each and every instance of our interconnectedness; indeed, our name’s heritage speaks to just that, the interconnectedness of all energy, primordial, past, present, and future.
Adya Global seeks to bring beauty to all of us in ways we can not only see, but also feel, touch, taste, smell, and experience even beyond our sensory perceptions. Adya’s founding partners took this adventure on as a means for us to connect back to our own heritage and culture lost in that earlier “global” movement of Colonialism. We seek to offer that same chance to others, to experience the beauty of the world we are too often cut off from. And thus our “customers” are not so much customers as they are fellow adventurers, travellers, and seekers.

We look for expressions of craftsmanship honed over centuries, whether in the production of world class wine, fine spirits, hand crafted beer, or the spices, specialty food items, textiles and art existing only in small corners of our Earth. We seek out partners that are truly in symbiotic relationship with the land, where their difficult and time-intensive labor honors the Earth and the ancestors that came before. And so what we offer to potential adventurers is a chance to learn about and experience products so incredibly beautiful. But we don’t stop there, we also offer folks a chance to experience those worlds that move at a different pace, that wonder at the world around them with different eyes, that continually create beauty despite and because of troubled histories and legacies of exploitation.

Our values

We honor deeply historical and treasured, sometimes rare and hidden, cultural experiences.

We build equitable and sustainable relationships with our partners.

We choose a holistic approach to all we do for the well-being of all.

Our philosophy

Made by people from places incapable of being replicated anywhere else on the globe
Our producers are committed to the earth, the craft, and pure pleasure
Immersive cultural experiences you can‘t find elsewhere and full customization options; all you want and nothing you don‘t.
We partner with those who make people‘s lives different in real material ways in the here and now.

Our unique offering

Showcasing the history, story, and evolution of our food, wine & spirits product.

Enhancing the contribution and connection to the places of origin and their craft

Immersive agro-gastronomical tourism opportunities

Offering locally and culturally-relevant tableware, art, textiles, and clothing accessories

Our founders’ journey

Our global family & advisors