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Alba Royal Truffles

In the dappled light of the forest, a child’s tiny hands clutches their parent’s. Their small feet are swallowed by oversized wellingtons and their attention is held, watching the wagging tail of the bouncing dog as it hurries through the trees. The restless pet has been searching these woods tirelessly, trying to find a whispered promise that prompted the child from their bed and into the fold.   

For some time, it seems nothing will be found. But then, somewhere out of sight, a piercing bark unsettles the birds from the trees. The child is whisked along, matching their parent step for step. When they catch up to their pet, they see a mound of dirt, disturbed but not dismantled. The parent brings the child to the mound, takes their hand and helps them brush away the dirt. Poking out from the top of the dirt is a small, white dome. The child picks it from the ground and smiles – the truffle has been found, the promise of has been kept, the celebrations can begin.  

To uncover hidden gems is an intoxicating experience that stays with you years after the initial elation has worn off.  Alba Royal Truffles, purveyors of exquisite cuisine, are one such testament to this fact. Born out of a shared passion between three friends, Walter, Beppe, and Andrea, Alba Royal Truffles strives to share their zest for fine food, wine, and their home with the world.  

Following in the footsteps of their fathers and grandfathers, Walter, Beppe, and Andrea began to hunt truffles when they were children. Over the years, their pride in homegrown truffles grew to such an extent that they decided to dedicate themselves to preserving its delicious legacy. Taking their experience, working abroad in the world of fine food and wine, the three friends harnessed their gastronomic connections to see that Alba Truffles found their way into Michelin starred restaurants, gourmet food shops and the homes of discerning epicureans.  

In the woods of Langa and Roero Alba, the three friends go a step further for those wanting to partake in Alba Royal Truffle Magic. They curate and orchestrate intimate group tours where one can join the Trifulau and his dog in the hunt for elusive white and black truffles. Along the way, would be hunters will learn about the special characteristics of the truffle, its fascinating history, and the proper techniques for finding it.  

Once the truffle is in their care, the enthusiastic assistants to the Trifulau and his dog will be treated to a tasting of the truffle in an cosy setting, where divine flavours and the ecstasy of discovering hidden gems go hand in hand.  

More than likely, you’ll catch the itch for entering the glorious world of truffles too! 




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Products by Alba Royal Truffles

Black Truffle Sauce
Tagliolini with Truffle
White Truffle Butter
Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Black Truffle
White Truffle Salt
Olive and Truffle Spread
White Truffle Honey
Extra Virgin Olive Oil with White Truffle