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Da Morgada

Da Morgada

From its most northern point to its most southern peak, across Portugal, there are riches to be found.

From soft and creamy to savory and salty, there are hardworking hands toiling tirelessly beneath a splitting sun to pour themselves into the foods they create. Their passion can be found in amber jars of honey sourced from lavender lain fields, to the cuco, cardis, and silva variations of goats, sheep, and cows’ milk that are sourced everywhere from Alentejo in South East Portugal to the Serra de Estrales Mountains overlooking Portugal’s flatlands. The amount of passion-driven, handcrafted goods across Portugal’s vast and variable landscape are almost endless but there is one man who has made it his mission to share them with the world.

Manuel Maia was working as a food engineer in the late 90s when he decided to cast his net out along the Portuguese coast in search of rich and delicious delicacies that might otherwise remain unknown. Armed with perseverance and charm, Manuel made it his mission to seek out local tradespeople whose passions could be shared with the world. This pursuit led him to meet with people from all walks of life, from jelly perfectionists to greengage plum growers. His travels took him to dairy farmers in Beria Baixa, tasting their Castelo Branco, to meeting with honey drop fig impresarios as they presented their late harvest caramel-colored creations.

Each time Manuel met with these tradespeople, he offered them his ear, taking the time to sit and listen to their story so he could represent them with the same passion that went into each of their incredible creations.
And after years of travel, cutting through coarse landscapes, and traversing tumultuous plains, Manuel finally decided to bring his years of hard work together and launched TradiFoods - a collection of carefully curated artisanal cheese, canned fish, and charcuterie, TradiFoods manages to bring Manuel’s years of adventure and newfound friendships across Portugal together and showcase them with the world.
As Manuel says, the world of quality is a small one. But without a sense of wonder and an air of adventure that small world may go unrealized and the people who make it so special, unknown. Through TradiFoods, Manuel ensures that their passion continues to be experienced and their stories heard.

Products by Da Morgada

Smoked Trout in extra virgin Olive Oil
Piri Piri Hot Sauce
Octopus In Olive Oil
Portuguese Spiced Sardines in Olive Oil
Portuguese Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Small Sardines in Olive Oil
Portuguese Mackerel in Piripiri Sauce
Wild Lavender Honey
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Alentejo