Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

The Isle of Enchantment
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is the Island of Enchantment where natural beauty and good nature go hand in hand. From the time of the Taino to the first appearance of Spanish conquistadors, Puerto Rico has undergone a series of changes that have steeped the island in scintillating spirit and a Boricua culture that begs to be explored.

Boricua culture celebrates spirit, elevating the rum capital of the world to even greater heights whilst seasoning the Puerto Rican cuisine with an ebullience that takes its lead from diverse cultures. Mofongo, tostones, and lechon asado, there is a world of comforts that awaits.

Adya Global will take you along the roads less travelled to places seldom seen. We want to introduce you to our family, our friends, those who know Puerto Rico best and radiate Boricua culture in abundance. There are white sand beaches from which you can appreciate Caribbean beauty and mountain tops from which you can envision an island’s entire history. Take your first steps to discovering Puerto Rico.

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