Bella Italia
Perhaps more than any other European country, Italy can boast of the great diversity to its regions. With national unification coming quite late to Italy, many distinct peoples coexisted across the land, unhomogenized, with their own unique expressions of culture.
Still today, each region has different traditions, artforms, dialects and – most of all – tastes, to share: from the tortellini of Emilia-Romagna to Sicilian arancini and the Piedmont hazelnut to the lemons of Sorrento. The diversity of flavors is reflected in the ever-changing landscape, from the snowy Alps to the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean. The first region of Italy explored by Adya Travel is none other than Piedmont, one of the most famous regions for food and wine in the world, let alone Italy. These rolling hills provide the most prized of wines, such as Barolo DOCG; the “King of Wine” and the “Wine of Kings”. Meanwhile, here is where you’ll find fresh truffles, hazelnuts, and regional dishes without compare. As Piedmont is truly heaven for foodies, our itineraries make the most of that, connecting you directly to our local partners in food and wine for the most authentic of Piedmontese experiences.
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